14. March 2024

OT Cybersecurity Governance at Knorr-Bremse

Building OT cybersecurity skills in the organization EU legal obligation to build cybersecurity capacities Role-based trainings Use of AI in trainings NIS2 and critical infrastructure
Marlem Calvo

Unmasking the Hidden Risks of Cybersecurity Regulations

Ever-changing rules and regulations add a layer of complexity and uncertainty in Cybersecurity. This talk will break down how these changes in cybersecurity law and regulations impact the way organizations...
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Mazaher Kianpour

Reassessment of Cybersecurity Companies in Times of Conflict

The downside of public-private partnership in the field of cybersecurity. When states enter a conflict environment, partnering cybersecurity companies could be involved. New risk assessment capabilities needed.
Mauro Vignati

Unmasking Illusions: Navigating the Realm of Deepfakes

Evolution of voice and video deepfakes. Power of generative AI for social engineering attacks and malware development. Real-world examples and the bank’s countermeasures.
Romano Ramanti
11:00 - 11:45

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Enhancing Resiliance with Social Engineering Pentesting

Physical and human-centric attack vectors in Operational Technology (OT). Necessary measures to comply with NIS 2.0 and revised ISO/IEC 27001:2022. Sabotage scenarios. Activating a human firewall.
Erfan Koza

Creating a Resilient Information Security Program Through Threat Management

Moving from shotgun security to targeted defence.
Bernd Huber
12:45 - 13:45

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Governing Data in Highly Regulated Space Industry

Robust cybersecurity management in the regulated space sector necessitates understanding sovereignty, compliance, supply chains, and geopolitical threats for effective data governance.
Tomas Kokolevsky
14:45 - 15:15

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Defence-In-Depth – Developing a Multi-Layered Defence-In-Depth Approach to Cyber-Physical Security of Substations

Defining defence-in-depth in the context of cyber-physical security for the digital substation. Developing effective risk mitigation strategies to support cyber-physical security of next generation substation networks. Ensuring effective integration of...
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Helder Barbosa

Security Breach – Learning from Critical Errors

Why the worst-case scenario must be tested. What we have learned about vulnerability – and what other companies can learn from it. How the learnings increased our resilience and will...
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Raphaël Schaffo
Heinz Wittig

Panel Discussion: Geopolitical Cyber Threats

Erfan Koza
Mauro Vignati
Mazaher Kianpour
Marlem Calvo